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  • DeClare Denim One of Kind Piece
  • Kookai Base Vest
  • Fully Lined Art Deco Sleeves
  • Size: 6-8

"Vintage Vixen" is registered #18 on our authenticity database. 

The name of the garment, it's registration number and Clare's signature are recorded on the back of the DeClare panel that has been sewn inside the garment.

The Song"Vixen" by Miguel. Because like it's muse, it's visually gentle but has that little bit of naughtiness too!

The Name: Our inspiration for this artwork was the beautiful Faith Bacon, a risque burlesque dancer from the 1920's who wore incredible outfits made from lace, feathers and all the amazing fabrics her era had to offer.

The Design: The concept behind this design was to make a collage combing two eras; the first paying tribute to a bygone time of epic femininity, a world of tassels, lace and stunning shift dresses. The second was to use the modern edginess of the awesome denim Kookai base vest, to really give the finished look a contemporary slant. Brilliant bronze, sequinned fabric with a scallop pattern was chosen for the oversized bell sleeves on this design, as this was a popular look seen both in fashion and interior décor in the 1920’s. We wanted the sleeves to create the dramatic focal point for the upcycle, the pattern was cut to fall slightly shorter at the front and longer at the back. Then fine black chiffon lining was sewn inside the sleeves, giving them not only more shape, but enabling each sleeve to float around the skin of the arms smoothly for silky comfort. The ribbon-like tassels that circumnavigate the bottom of each sleeve were selected to add even more delicate femininity to the piece, almost making it gown-like in appearance.

Soft, black lace scallops were hand-stitched around the bust to create a bodice effect on the vest, designed to complement the black sleeve frills. To enhance the grand, classic sleeves a smaller bronze applique was stitched to the back of the vest. The other fine detail selected to embellish Vintage Vixen was a small feather applique to the top of the right shoulder. Although DeClare Denim is usually a Vegan brand, this kind of feather embellishment is something that would have been seen on many glamourous outfits in the 20’s. The applique had been preloved, so there our minds settled contentedly to use it again, not having bought new.

Little gold, re-tasked buttons sit quietly along the left of the vest, finishing the garment off with a cohesive feel, tying the completed look together. Some black trim was added at the last minute to sit around the collar area and voila! The Vintage Vixen came to life for a bold and fabulous femme.

* Please note: On the very rare occasion that we do select embellishments such as silk or feathers, they are reclaimed, so our respect for the earth does not wane. 



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