SOLD | Unique Garment | The Serpent

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  • One of a Kind Piece
  • Fully Lined
  • Upcycled 1950's Satin Cocktail Dress
  • Size: AUS & UK 8-10 / US 4-6 (Measurements Below)

    "You shouldn't mess with me"... Bowie

    "The Serpent" is registered #6 on our authenticity database. 

    The name of the garment, it's registration number and Clare's signature are recorded on the back of the Declare panel that has been sewn inside the jacket.



    The Song: China Girl by David Bowie – an epically compelling song about the misuse of power and a clear statement about racism.

    The Name: Posing some logistical challenges along the way, the strikingly detailed sequinned dragon was crafted to snake its way up the back of this artwork, giving us the major inspiration for this design's name.

    The Design: To tie into the theme of Bowies song this jacket's intent is a mix of military and the orient. This long, vintage denim jacket was selected for its ability to fit the entire serpent embellishment on it’s back.

    The stunning gold sequinned dragon was cut from an original 1950’s satin cocktail dress. We wondered what interesting stories this little black dress could tell from it’s era. The shiny, gold sequins that make up the intense back panel stand out vibrantly from the beautifully rich black satin fabric of its base. 

    The Dragon in oriental culture is a symbol of imperial power, so matt black sequins were chosen to enhance this concept, suggesting scales. The detail to each arm was cut from a length of oriental fabric, with each piece overlapping to create a reptilian bone effect, a strikingly edgy addition to blend the theme together.

    This jacket has been fully lined to the body for comfort. The metal embellishment on the left shoulder was brought to life through a reclaimed belt, designed to resemble an epaulette, an ornamental shoulder piece used as a symbol of rank by armed forces.


    Bust: 89cm/35"

    Waist: 75cm/29.5"

    Hips: 94cm/37"

    Bicep: 32cm/12.5"

    Shoulders: 34.5cm/13.5"

    Sleeves: 54cm/21"

    Total Length: 99cm/39"