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  • DeClare Denim Bespoke Design
  • One of a Kind Piece
  • Birthday Gift

"Wow! This has to be one of the best presents I've ever received. I have never had a bespoke item of clothing like this before. I absolutely love everything about it, it's beautiful and fits perfectly. It will be a much loved and well-used centrepiece of my wardrobe". Colleen NSW

"The Brumby" is registered #10 on our authenticity database. The name of this garment, its registration number and Clare's signature is also recorded on the back of the DeClare panel that has been sewn inside the jacket.

The Design: This beauty was ordered for a friends birthday. The lucky lady receiving her gift rides horses and loves nature. After being given the brief, this particular base jacket was chosen for its distinctly country and outdoors aesthetic. With earthy, umber and golden coloured stitching and practical but striking detail to the zip pockets, this was the perfect garment to upcycle for a personality who loves to be in nature. Boasting practical, firm denim it’s finished with a slightly worn look giving it rugged, outdoorsy feel. The back panel, displaying two stunning brumbies, was ordered in specifically for the centrepiece of the back of the jacket. To complement the warm tones in the back panel, rich milk chocolate brown faux animal print leather was used to create a practical but effective combination of cohesive colours throughout the design.

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