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      • One of a Kind Piece
      • Levi's Black Denim Jacket
      • Upcycled Saree Embellishments
      • Size: 8-10

The Song: “I Love Rock n' Roll” by Joan Jett, it's as super sassy as the design itself!

The Name: Inspiration for this upcycled artwork were the songs and lights of the rock music industry, designed to be seen on stage or at a pumping rock concert.

The Design: This one is truly for the bling lovers! "Rockstar" is a real eye-catcher where less is not more….more is more! With over the top wrist and waist embellishments that catch the light at every turn. Reclaimed fabric offcuts were used on this jacket in striking blacks and golds to enhance the colour of the denim. Sequinned vintage saree detail has been teamed with black and gold paisley style velvet to create a stunningly bold look. Faux leather was also added to the design to give an edgy feel, balancing out and contrasting the softer adornments of the theme. "Rockstar" was designed to stand out in a crowd, so unique it will never be seen again anywhere else in the any event.

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Bust: 96cm / 38"

Hips: 84cm / 33"

Bicep: 30cm / 12"

Arm Length: 57cm / 22.5"

Across Back: 38cm / 15"

Total Length: 48.5cm / 19"

Waist: 86cm / 34"