The Courtship


    • Flared Waist
    • Pink Tassel & Rose Embellishment
    • Size: AUS & UK 8-10 / 4-6


    The Song: "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran...for those true romantics out there. x

    The Name: The inspiration for this upcycled art piece is L.O.V.E. 

    The Design: The sparkly pink peacocks have been stitched on the back of this garment to represent them frolicking in their courtship display. Their iridescent pink feathers splay while they strut proudly back and forth.

    The male rattles his feathers to get the attention of the one he desires. This gorgeously feminine jacket is made from semi-firm, light coloured denim and has some stretch. The jacket was chosen because of it's flared back, reminiscent of a peacock tail.

    All the components of a two-metre, intricate scarf were used for this upcycle. Fine black chiffon was placed under the pink back pattern to really make it pop. Part of the scarf was reworked for the collar and the tassels sat perfectly around the neckline.

    The design can be worn open or buttoned up, but either way the embellished neckline, pink rose and tassels all add to this creative piece that whispers delicate femininity.

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    Bust: 94cm / 37"

    Hips: 148cm (flared) / 58"

    Bicep: 34cm / 13.5"

    Arm Length: 60cm / 23.5"

    Across Back (Shoulders): 36cm / 14"

    Waist: 79cm / 31"

    Total Length: 58.5cm / 23"