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"Whitesnake" is registered #4 on our authenticity database. The name of the garment, it's registration number and Clare's signature are recorded on the back of the DeClare panel that has been sewn inside the piece.

The Song: "Here I go Again" by Whitesnake, because we think hands down it's their best song.

The Name: We had some white faux leather and silver sequins that looked so gorgeously glamourous together that we needed an excuse to use them. After finding the perfect picture on a tee and putting the look together, Whitesnake was born.

The Design: The base jacket was chosen for the high-quality GAP brand and silver button detail to match the intended look of white faux leather and silver sequins to give it a distinctly rock aesthetic. The fabulous snake to the back of the jacket was hunted for high and low to match the theme planned to complement the white faux leather. The “Whitesnake” was eventually found lurking on the back of a vintage tee in a super funky store in Brunswick Street, Melbourne. What a catch! To top off this exceptionally high-quality hand-crafted piece, the white satin lining was hand-sewn, pleat and all, to the inside of the jacket to create its silky smooth finish, making it not only a visual stand out but a joy to wear. 

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