Clio & Calliope

Sustainable Luxury | Reworked Denim

  • One of a Kind Wearable Artwork Set
  • Couture asymmetrical design
  • Size: AUS & UK 6-8 / US 4-6 (NOTE: Detailed Measurements Below)



The Song: Your garment is inspired by music. "Independent Woman" by Destiny's Child. Because you've got your own back.

Artwork Name: "Clio & Calliope" are two of the nine Muses in Greek mythology. This pair of creative powerhouses were responsible for everything from history to music, song and poetry.

The Design: This epic set of reworked denim will command attention, taking centre stage wherever you are.

Comprising of a bolero style jacket and boot cut jeans, everything about this duo is a showstopper.

Dramatically revealing sleeves, audacious upstanding collar, shimmering golden sequins and 3D flowers all embellish this incredible wearable artwork.

Adorned from head to toe, Clio and Calliope will stop any room in their tracks. 


Jeans... Waist: 34" /Thigh: 19" /Waist to bottom of ankle: 36"

Jacket:... Across Back: 14"/ Bust: 36"/Arm Length: 24"

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