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    • One of a Kind Piece
    • Vintage saree detail
    • Size: 12-14

Inspired by the theme of opulence this upcycled jacket has been created from a high-quality base, using vintage Saree trim. The intricate champagne coloured detail is punctuated by silver and gold sparkles that catch the light at every turn. Comfortable dark blue denim with the upcycled detail carried over the shoulders to the front has this jacket make an impression whether coming or going! The little tail that sits at the base of the back floats freely and is a unique component of this particular creation.

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Bust: 93cm / 36.5"

Hips: 88cm / 34.5"

Bicep: 34.5cm / 14"

Arm Length: 63cm / 25"

Across Back: 38.5cm / 15"

Waist: 85cm / 33.5"

Total Length: 57.5cm / 23" (66cm with tail)