A Knights Tale | Fashion as Art


  • One of a Kind Wearable Artwork
  • Fusion of two jackets into one
  • Size Small: AUS & UK 8-10 / US 4-6



The Song: Your garment is inspired by music.  "Golden Years" by David Bowie was chosen for this artwork. The song was used during the incredible dance scene in the movie "A Knights Tale" with the late and great Heath Ledger. 

Artwork Name: "A Knights Tale" is a blend of history with a modern twist. The design was created to be reminiscent of the edgy costumes worn in the film. Dramatically high collars, flared sleeves and sumptuous fabrics. 

The Design: This highly visual design is a combination of two superior garments, that have been seamlessly fused together and embellished. reinvented into a completely unique show-stopper.

Dramatic blacks and golds contrast strikingly with the dark blue denim. Split bell sleeves a silky dream to wear, lined with gold making them a true focal point of this striking design.

For more information about this garment contact us at declaredenim@gmail.com