Declaring our Values

We have four core values that powerfully support our vision of sustainability, that embodies what we stand for.
These values are the backbone in everything we do, and are the reasons behind why we love what we do.
Both in our garments and in our customers. We appreciate originality and distinctiveness whilst considering our impact on the environment. Everyone is unique and they deserve an outfit to match.
We inspire others to strive for better. We want them to shake up the fashion world whilst slowing it down. It's a positive movement and we're excited to be the pioneers.
Time and meticulous care go into everything we craft. Our valued seamstresses have worked with big name brands and A-list sustainable fashion activists. We channel creativity into everything we do, and the result is epic.
We aim to create and encourage an ethical approach to fashion. We value protecting the earth and thoughtful consumption. Sustainability is key to our business practise.
We want to care for the future of our planet and look fabulous doing it.