What Matters to Us?

Hi there, I'm Clare Hamilton. Founder of Declare Denim.

Welcome to the new breed of fashion.

The Curtains Lift...

Introducing Declare Denim. We are an ethical, reworked denim brand. A luxury brand with an edge. We handcraft ONE OF A KIND Denim Wearable Artworks. 

This is sustainable luxury at its best. We create truly unique couture for fashion icons, because we believe you don't have to compromise your style when considering it's impact on the planet.

Our garments are wearable statements that showcase the duality of our individual personalities. The different characters we all perform in the theatre of our lives. We're both tough and tender. Powerful and protective. We each wear a mask to display to the world who we want to be. Our garments are no different. Our reworked denim, enhanced with embellishments, embodies this duality.

What does it mean to "rework" garments? It means that we hand select high quality, vintage and preloved garments and reinvent them. We love nothing more than to create incredible fusions of the treasures we find, resulting in the sustainable and ethical statement pieces you will discover here.

Everything about the garments we craft is unconventional. It is a reconstruction of an already existing garment. From the way soft and strong fabrics are fused, to designing our pieces to be a 360° experience. It becomes something entirely different from it's original state. We give denim the respect it deserves. As an iconic part of culture, enduring for well over one century, denim now needs to be the ultimate, global sustainable fashion item.

Each of our designs is one of a kind, on average using up to 90% reclaimed materials. Each garment has it's very own name. It's also numbered and then registered on our authenticity database, paired with our customers names. This way the owners of our garments can be sure they have a genuine Declare Denim original.



Fast fashion is an eco destroyer. But what can we do about it? We can invest in slow, ethical practises that close the loop in fashion. That's why we rework existing denim to create something that lasts. 

We use only the highest quality, primarily vegan materials. Proudly PETA approved, on the very rare occasion that we do select embellishments such as silk or feathers, they are reclaimed, so our respect for the earth doesn’t wane. Because we want our environmental impact to be small, but our social impact to be huge.

The Crowd Cheers...

Declare Denim celebrates sustainable fashion and performance culture in all its forms. Our wearable statement pieces inspire our customers to live thoughtfully, without sacrificing style.

We hand craft attire for life's entertainers — socialites, public figures, festival-goers, singers, performers, actors, fashion icons and ethical legends. Declare Denim fans are disruptors, ready to join a cultural shift and look good doing it.

Each garment is heavily inspired by music and the stories contained in them, song lyrics and their sentiments are infused into every stitch. Music is our number one passion, our motivation for creation and a HUGE part of our brand. The selection of songs that play during each designs artistic assembly is it's muse. Many components of each design has their individual origins in stories and songs. From the golden wings of "Archangel", who's beautifully broken song was Angel by The Weeknd, to the glove like sleeves of "The Bronte" who's song of dark passion was Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, every aspect of our designs are crafted from the heartfelt depths of musical intent.


At Declare Denim we meticulously craft fashion forward couture, using quality reclaimed fabrics and embellishments. We're not about the baggy, shabby, ripped look. We're about structure, shape and class to empower your aesthetic. 

Wearing our garments is a declaration
What will you declare?
Declare sustainability as the fashion norm.
Declare your keen eye for originality. 
Declare yourself with DENIM.