• Wings of the Gods
  • Dark blue fitted denim vest
  • Baroque style ornate buttons
  • Satin lined


"The miracle of Love, comes your way again" ... Annie Lennox.

 "Eros" is registered #28 on our authenticity database" 

The name of the garment, its registration number and Clare's signature are recorded on the back of the Declare panel that has been sewn inside this jacket.



The Song: "The Miracle of Love" by The Eurythmics. Because life can bring you a second chance to love again and heal your wounds.

The Name: Our inspiration: A bit of a rascal, "Eros" sometimes got his amusement by making poorly matched people fall in love! As the Greek God of Love, he also embodied sexual power, art and athleticism.

The Design: Born from the soft and strong fusion of a fitted, dark blue denim vest and a striking cream and gold reclaimed sequinned skirt. Voluminous in its structure, the sumptuous fabric of the skirt was perfect for the creation of Eros' wings.

As the sleeves were designed to be the main focal point of this creation, even more volume was added to the "wings" by fashioning gold, upstanding adjustable frills to the shoulders. Giving even further drama and presence to the design, the frills can be molded to wear higher or lower, depending on taste.

An intricatly ornate silver and gold threaded band adorns the back of the vest, tying in with the delicately sequinned applique to the front and back shoulders of the garment.

Tying the whole aesthetic together are three baroque style, gold buttons to the front of this piece, and an exquisite ruched frill that hugs subtly to the waistline.

White satin lined for comfort, Eros is set to take flight into the night.

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Bust:                     86cm / 34"

Waist:                   66cm / 26"   

Sleeve:                 63cm / 25"

Shoulder:             40cm / 15.5"

Total Length:       41cm / 16"