SOLD | Unique Garment | Archangel

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  • One of a Kind Piece
  • Gold Sequinned Wings
  • Hand-stitched Gold Chain Embellishments
  • Runway Garment

"Archangel" is registered number 3 on our authenticity database. The name of the garment, it's registration number and Clare's signature are recorded on the back of the Declare panel that has been sewn inside this jacket.

The Song:"Angel" by The Weeknd. Because it's full of soul.

The Name:The folk behind Declare Denim are spiritual cats. It's for this reason that during selecting some key embellishments for the upcycle we chose the name Archangel, after our own Angel guide of beauty, creativity and illumination, Jophiel.  

The Design: This creation had a home on one of our workshop mannequins for months. All our designs are special to us and are often weeks and months in the design phase, but this one in particular was very close to our hearts. 

Embellishments were pinned on the artwork, taken off, placed somewhere else, taken off again, and eventually when we were happy with the finished piece only then was she sent to production for sewing.

Hours were spent hand stitching the gold chain. Glossy black feathers* were painstakingly attached around the shoulders. When the wings went on the finished piece was beyond expectation. We loved her. This garment made a huge impact on the runway at a fashion show, immediately finding its forever home with it's lucky new owner. 

* Please note: On the very rare occasion that we do select embellishments such as silk or feathers, they are reclaimed, so our respect for the earth does not wane. 


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