SOLD | Unique Garment | Maiden Voyage

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  • One of a Kind Piece
  • Sequinned Floral Embellishment
  • Faux Leather Detail
  • Naval Theme

The Song: "Great Southern Land" by Icehouse, one of the most incredible Australian songs of all time.

The NameInspired by the early settlers of Australia, our "Maiden Voyage" tells a tale of the strong women that bravely sought out new settlements alongside their husbands and children.

The Design: This garment has been upcycled from two separate, glittering evening dresses on a soft black denim base, the garments being retasked for the back and side panels. Faux leather has been meticulously sewn onto the collar and military button detail adding a real edge to the whole look. Beautifully fitted in cut, the denim is soft and comfortably stretchy with pockets. Maiden voyage has been designed for those looking for some real elegance, but with an edgy touch for all occasions.


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