SOLD | Unique Garment | Iron Maiden

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  • One of a Kind Piece
  • Feminine Battle Jacket
  • Upcycled Fabric Embellishments

The Song: "Can I Play with Madness" by Iron Maiden, whose lyrics seemed fitting..(and is our favourite song from this band).

The Name: The name Iron Maiden was given to this incredible artwork for its serious battle jacket presence. We were reminded of Joan of Arc, who became the national heroine of France at just 18 years old after leading the French army to victory over the English, but then was burned at the stake for being a witch.

The Design: From the studded leather look arm detail to the laces at the back, the bronze disc to symbolise a battle shield and softer fabric under the sleeves, this one of a kind Warrior Princess won't be seen anywhere else in the world. Part history, part feminine battle jacket, ALL AMAZING! The firm denim of this jacket has great structure and is a dream to wear. 

Yup, this one has some serious strength of presence!


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