The Eighth


  • One of a Kind Couture Garment

  • Comfortable Fit and Lined to Bodice

  • Dark Blue, Comfortable Denim Jacket

  • Size: AUS & UK 8-10 / US 6-8


The Song: Your garment is inspired by music. “You don't own me" by SAYGRACE ft. G-Eazy. A powerful statement of a song about self respect and living life on your own terms.

Artwork Name: Henry the 8th. Who could forget him? He owned six wives. This jacket is a tribute to every single one of them. If only they could see how far the goddess has come. May they never be forgotten.

The Design: A sight to behold. Like many of our designs, this jacket's aesthetic is soft and strong all rolled into one. From the delicately transparent puff sleeves, gold brocade panels and ruched back, everything about this design is a vision.

An added splash of red brocade to the front panel contrasts boldly with the dark denim base jacket. Finishing the design concept with brocade wrist cuffs, this statement piece has the impressive presence of royalty itself.

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