Diva - As Seen in Fashion Manuscript


  •  Black Satin Lined
  • Re-tasked jewellery embellishments
  • Size Small: AUS & UK 8-10 / US 4-6


"I'm a Porsche with no brakes"...SIA

"Diva" is registered #34 on our authenticity database.

The name of the jacket, it's registration number and Clare's signature are recorded on the back of the Declare panel that has been sewn inside the jacket.



The Song: "Unstoppable" by Sia. Tough and tender, the contrast in this song is deeply touching. She puts her armour on for the perception of strength and power to perform, but really, she’s hiding behind it. Don’t we all sometimes?

The Name: “Diva”  - Because it's not going to just steal the limelight, but the whole darn show! Every part of this jacket is made to perform.

The Design: This dramatic performance piece began with two stunning cocktail dresses that had all the components for an epic reworked garment.

Starting with the gem-encrusted neckline, reclaimed sequins and multi-faceted shapes were painstakingly hand sewn around the collar. It stands proud, almost like a crown at the top of the design. It boasts a variety of golden bronze embellishments in all their glory, dazzling your admirers with stars in their eyes.

Black faceted shimmering beads were also attached by hand to the back of the jacket, when in contrast with the externally embellished shoulder pads, creates an edgy V shape for added dimension to the piece.

Diva's sleeves were handcrafted from heavily sequinned black and gold reclaimed fabric. They follow the shape of the jackets original design, even down to the edgy spilt at the wrist which gives the arms structure and comfort. 

Lined to the bodice and finished with a thin black, sequined trim to the waist, Diva is ready to take centre stage!

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