The Trooper | Fashion as Art


  • Lined to Body
  • Unisex Design
  • Reclaimed vintage tee
  • Size: UNISEX Medium AUS & UK 14-16 / US 10-12



The Song: Your garment is inspired by music. "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden! An epic tale of a futile battle.

Artwork Name: “The Trooper” was chosen for this upcycled piece after the song of the same name, a tragic story, released by the heavy metal band in 1983. 

The Design: For all those Iron Maiden fans out there, we are proud to introduce this tribute piece drenched in symbolism. Like all our jackets which are born from a love of music and are a statement of some kind, this one is against the insanity of war. 

"Eddie" the Iron Maiden mascot, charges forward on the back of the jacket holding the British flag, while the band's namesake has been stitched along the shoulders, allowing space for the collar to be worn up or down.

At the bottom of the scene is written the story of the 666, the Light Brigade of the Crimean War in 1854, who made a brutal charge, told as one of the most "magnificent" in military history. Armed with sabres and lances, they charged down a mile-long valley, straight into the mouths of cannons.

Crafted from a roomy and comfortable medium blue denim jacket, The Trooper boasts subtle wrist detail of patterned faux leather, with black chained shoulder embellishment stitched along both shoulders to not only suggest a military outfit, but also to create an edgy, heavy metal rock vibe.

Two panels of black, faux leather flank either side of Eddie's picture, paying tribute to the fallen, unarmoured horses who were drawn into the battle without choice.

The detail that circumnavigates the right sleeve represents a mourning band, honoring the dead from both sides of the war. 


Bust: 119cm

Waist: 114cm       

Hips: 113cm

Across Back:  47m

Total Length: 67cm