The Female Samurai | Fashion as Art


  • Fabulous Statement Piece!
  • Re-tasked Jewellery Enhancements
  • Size: AUS & UK 10-12 / US 6-8


    The Song: Your garment is inspired by music. “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar - because it's full of the passion and angst that love can bring.

    Artwork Name: The "Onna-Bugeisha" were female warriors, Samurai belonging to the Japanese nobility. Reflected in the Japanese flag, the country is known as The Land of the Rising Sun. Red was loved by the Samurai, an auspicious colour. It was worn for strength and power.

    The Design: The red centrepiece of this garment has been designed to reflect the red sun symbolism, in contrast with the feminine gold sequins. Studded faux leather was designed to tell a further story…one about a woman who needs to be a blend of both gentle and powerful. 

    Bronze shoulder panels suggest pieces of armour, matching beautifully with the front left panel embellishment, a jewellery piece suggesting a medal. 

    The concept of this jacket was designed to portray the demands on woman, needing to be a combination of soft and strong. Both in our times and also in history past.

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    Bust: 98cm

    Hips: 100cm

    Bicep: 36.4cm

    Arm Length: 62.3cm

    Across Back: 35.8cm

    Shoulder Seams: 11.5cm each

    Waist: 88cm

    Total Length: 57.5cm