Golden Goddess


  • Handmade garment with gold satin lining
  • Detailed sequinned applique
  • Size Small to Medium: AUS & UK 10-12 / US 8-10 (NOTE: Detailed Measurements Below)



The Song: Your garment is inspired by music. "Wings" by Delta Goodrem is a song about letting go and allowing yourself to fly to new horizons.

Artwork Name: "Golden Goddess" was chosen for this design as she is inspired by the Egyptian Goddess "Ma'at", (or "Mayet"). As the daughter of the sun god Ra, she was known to be the ruler of truth, justice, and cosmic order. 

The Design: Gleaming, golden shoulder embellishments and striking wings to the back of this reworked denim jacket catch the light with every turn. The lower "flare" to the back of the design splays with the movement of the body, revealing soft, golden fabric expertly sewn into the vent.

Handstitched golden chains circle the wrists, tying in with the front pocket and back shoulder embellishments, designed to swing as you strut. This jacket has been lined with subtle gold, comfortable fabric as a spectacular finishing touch.

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Bust: 99cm/39"

Waist: 88cm/34.5"

Hips: 105cm/41"

Shoulders: 37.5cm/14.5"

Sleeves: 62.5cm/24.5"

Total Length: 63.5cm/25"