The Unsuspecting Birth of a Brand

May 26, 2021 2 min read

The Unsuspecting Birth of a Brand

Damon and I watched with growing concern as Covid began to take hold of the world, resulting in the rapid decline of retail and taking our little shop in the hills with it.

Through the ups and downs of the uncertain weeks that followed, shops began to close around us. We held on for as long as we could, but for a business that had only just got itself off the ground and still in its first year, the moment came for our doors to close for the last time.

Until this point, it really had been an amazing year. We had so much to be grateful for and the inspiration involved that pulled our vision together had an incredible result. 

Amongst the metaphorical rubble of what was our boutique, there was a little gem hidden beneath the surface. Something that was already shining so brightly that it was obvious what our next step should be.  

Let’s rewind here to 6 months earlier…

Late one rainy afternoon in the boutique I was bopping about to Fleetwood Mac whilst merchandising our window display. I’d chosen a fitted, vintage dark blue denim jacket with silver rivets and paired it with some tight, silver sequinned “disco” (is that still a word??) pants to create a 70’s vibe. 

As I played about with the look, thinking to myself what a great era for fashion that was, a thought formed. I began thinking how cool it would be if I blended these two garments together to create one. I love this era of fashion and wanted to tell a story about it. The music I was listening to at the time was also playing a huge part in the inspiration that was coming to me.

Something happened and I suddenly got so excited about this concept that I stripped all the clothes off Emmy (the name of our mannequin, not a customer I hasten to add). I left her blushingly naked and rushed off to grab a pair of scissors and some pins. 

Laying both garments out on the bench I stood there surveying the two sacrificial victims, looking first at one and then the other. There was lot’s of head tilting and mumbles on my part. Then, putting mad doubts and procrastination aside, I got to work right then and there to design what I had visualised in my mind.

I was like Edward Scissorhands. Bits of fabric were flying about and at one point another unsuspecting garment was seized for more panels. 

It was experimentation at an epic level. Every once in a while I’d step back from the evolving creation to evaluate the situation. Was it Genesis? Or was it more like Frankenstein?

I loved it. It was beyond my wildest expectations, and I couldn’t wait to show someone.

I decided to use this as a prototype piece. Yes, I loved it, but would other people? So one week later and after some initial logistical sewing challenges, the piece was finally up for sale in our boutique.

It sold the first day. 

I didn’t know it, but right then and there, the brand was born. 

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